» » Eric, Shelly and Tim: Foot Fetish Trio

Eric, Shelly and Tim: Foot Fetish Trio

It is late evening; Eric approaches the hotel room door, key in hand, and opens it into a lit room with Shelly passed out on the bed. An empty bottle of wine and a glass are on the night stand; Shelly is half under the covers with her legs sticking out and her shod feet hanging over the edge of the bed.
Holy fuck! Eric says under his breath
Eric ducks back out of the room, closing the door gently, and retrieves his cell fone from his pocket. He dials Jim on the phone and says, in hushed tones,
Eric: Jim you gotta get over here. Shellys passed out and her feet are ours for the taking! Call me as soon as you get this message!
At this point, Jim rounds the corner
Jim: Here I am!
Eric: Shhhh lets sneak in! I think shes passed out d***k but well have to make sure
Jim: I sure hope so; my pipes are clogged its been so long!
Eric repeats the opening of the door; the scene remains unchanged. Shelly still on the bed, legs still hanging over the edge, shoes still on.
Eric (to no one in particular) Shelly? Shelly!
There is no response. Shes out like a light.
Tim: Those are some hot fucking shoes!
Tims eyes are riveted to the Jessica Simpson pumps on her feet one is almost to the point of dangling, the arch of the shoe separated from her foot by an inch or more. Tim is crazy to get his nose and his tongue in that steamy, dark hole.
Eric: Lets swing her legs around so her feet are over the foot of the bed; that way theyll be at the right height for us. I cant wait to get to her feet can you?
Jim: Arent you afraid youll wake her?
Eric: No. Just follow me. Damn, Im hard as fuck already!
Tim: Me, too!
Both Eric and Tim grab a leg each, pivoting her body on the bed so that her feet are over the foot rail of the bed. She stirs, briefly and the two boys duck down in case she wakes up. She doesnt, and after a couple of minutes the boys heads pop up right next to her feet.
Eric: Hey, grab a foot. We each get one to play with
There is no response from Tim he is mesmerized by Shellys feet bound up in those tight pumps. His hand is mindlessly caressing his own cock which has gotten even harder in his pants.
Eric: You can go ahead and take that out (motions to Tims crotch) I know I am sure ready!
Tim: Oh, yeah, me too!
Eric, Shelly and Tim: Foot Fetish Trio

The dialog wanes as the boys start to work on her feet. Tim and Eric are both working one-handed; their cocks require the attention of their other hands. After a few moments, the struggle with zippers and briefs ends, and both boys are standing in the dark, cocks at attention. Tim is so hard and on the edge that his cock is already bobbing up and down in anticipation. He looks like he could explode at any time.
Eric: Fuck all this decorum. My balls are blue I need to fucking nut right now!
Eric stands, shucks his pants down to his ankles yet is too horny to step out of them. He pulls the shoe off her foot and holds it to his nose
Eric: Awwww, fuck yeah, it wont take me long! Im gonna blast her fuckin feet! My balls are so full of jizz.
Tim: Me neither! Its been like a week
Eric: Dont you dare cum without telling me! I dont want to miss that!
Tim: Well, you better pay attention then because oh fuck, here it cums! I cant hold off any longer escorts paris
Tims right hand is but a blur on his swollen, purple fuckstick. Hes got his tongue rammed tightly into the toe area of her shoe, licking out her sweat. Eric takes her other shoe, continues to slobber all over it, and kneels down right in front of Tim. He gently removes Tims hand from his cock and replaces it with the lubed-up shoe.
Tim: You gotta be k**ding me! This is awesome!
Tims swollen cock has lost some of its majesty during the switchover from hand to shoe, but when he thinks about his cockhead swimming in Shellys sweaty shoe, he becomes even harder than before. Eric has decided its time for Tim to lose his load, and goads him on
Eric: Come on, you want to fuck the hell out of that shoe, nasty foot fetish boy? Oh yeah, your cock looks so damn good popping in and out of that shoe hole can you feel her sticky sweat? Mmmm, I think I need to lick it off the head of your cock!
Eric kneels down in front of Tim, who has grabbed on to the shoe and is fucking it like mad, the angry purple head popping out of the toe-hole (and into Erics mouth) with each thrust. Her shoe is a sloppy mess from all of the precum oozing out of Tims cock. Erics tongue slides all around the velvet head, almost begging for Tims jizz, and as he pulls back, licks the sweat and precum out of her shoe. Tim is pounding that shoe for all he is worth; his hands squeezed tightly around the leather like a tight pussy. Erics fingernails find their way under Tims ball sack and scratch gently the sensitive area there. Its more than Tim can take. His strokes become more deliberate; slower yet more f***eful; the slit at the end of his cock becoming wetter as it spreads apart on each hard forward thrust
Tim: Oh fuck yeah, here it cums! Get ready!
Eric reaches over and grabs Shellys other shoe off of her foot and hands it to Tim, who jams his face in the shoe as far as he can, sucking in air and scr****g the very tip of his tongue into the dark recesses of where her toes were sweating just seconds ago. Tim jams the open heel of her shoe against his balls, the back edge scr****g against that perfect spot just behind them, and in doing so presses the head of his cock all the way through the toe hole of her shoe; the skin is taut and the precum is flowing. Eric is scooping up the precum at the tip and rubbing it along the ridge, and the sensitive spot underneath. Tims cock is jumping, wanting just a little more stimulation; just on the teetering edge.
Eric: Gimme that fucking cum. Cum all over that shoe. Shoot it in my mouth! to which Tim can only reply, Unnnhhhhh
The first spurt of jizz from Tims cock is so thick and clotty it is just an ooze of precum, really. Finally, Eric ends the torture as his wet tongue slides the glob all over the head of Tims cock and along the outside of her shoe with his tongue as Tims spurts get harder, heavier and more fluid, the cum running down her shoe and into the arch to collect at the heel. Eric feels the contractions start to subside, and as he pulls the shoe off Tims cock he is rewarded with a shoe full of white, streaky cum.
Eric: Its my turn now
Eric takes the shoe and pours the slimy jizz into his hand, spreading its webbed essence between his fingers and slathering it all over his cock. Hes completely forgotten about Tim standing there and turns towards Shellys feet, which are still hanging over the foot of the bed. His cock is so wet with Tims cum that the room is filled with a sloshing sound as he jacks his cock, the bloated head aimed right at his cherished wifes feet. The sight of Eric jamming his face into Shellys shoe, still ripe and sticky with Tims jizz, brings Tims cock to attention again. Hes never seen a guy lick and suck feet up close, much less jack off on them, and Eric is excited to see him standing shoulder to shoulder, stroking his cock at the same twitching, hot target.
Eric: Damn, Im gonna bust a big one! Want to see it up close?
Tim let his response consist of kneeling on the floor at Shellys feet and smelling them, then taking her toes in his mouth one at a time. Eric grabbed the heel of her other shoe, pulled the shoe partly off her foot and held it there. Tim took hold of the shoe, holding it about 2 from her heel.
Tim: Oh, thats fucking hot. You going to shoot it in there?
Eric: Yeah. Oh yeah, hold it still. Here it cums!
Eric held the skin of his cock taut with his left hand, while his right hand guided his cock into and out of the dark sweaty recesses of her shoe. Once. Then it was too late to turn back; too late to edge any more. He was shooting his jizz, strands and ropes of it crisscrossed the gap between her arch and the edge of the shoe.
It was right about then that Eric detected the smell of pussy his wifes to be exact, and it was about that time Shelly stirred, and said,
Shelly: For gods sake, somebody fuck me!
Eric (to Tim): Yeah, please do,
Eric (to Shelly): I want to watch you suck him
There is a change of position. Eric scoops up as much cum as he can from the confines of Shellys shoe and carries it on his tongue to her pussy, where he swabs her clit with it and pushes it up into her folds. She becomes lost in Tims cock, and Eric watches her bring him to full hardness, pausing to come up and kiss Shelly while her mouth is busy with Tim.
Eric: OK, enough of that give it to her!
Tim climbs on board, pressing her ankles to his cheeks and positioning his cock at the front door. Shelly, lacking patience reaches around and grabs his ass, pulling him effortlessly into her in one long, smooth stroke until he is balls-deep in her shaved cunt.
Shelly: Now fuck me.
Tim uses her feet to prop himself up, slides her toes over his mouth and sucks them, watching his cock slide in and out of her. He is mesmerized by the tightness of her pussy and the leathery smell of her feet, having just come out of her shoes.
Shelly: I want it from behind, deep. Cum in me
Tim: Oh, fuck yeah
Tim pulls out, his cock glistening with her pussy juice. I lean over and tongue the dripping head while she turns around, tasting my wifes steamy essence. He joins her on the bed, and she backs up against him. Even though she is tight, she slides onto him effortlessly. Foot fetishist that he is, his hands squeeze her feet as he fucks her.
Tim: Oh, I am so fucking close. Want it?
Shelly: oh yeah, give it to me!
Eric climbs on the bed, working his way underneath their thrashing so that he is inches from where Tim is sliding in and out of her. She is so wet her pussy is dripping onto his chin, and he feels her stiffen up the second his tongue hits her clit. Shes desperate to cum, and as Eric flutters his tongue on her little bud, she lets out a long moan and collapses on Tims cock. Soon she recovers, and Tim starts fucking her again, and its clear from his long, straining strokes that hes about to bust his nut.
Eric: Come on, Tim, drench her cunt. Shoot it deep. Make me a creampie!
Those last words pushed Tim way over the edge and Shelly could immediately feel the warmth of all his jizz seeping through her as he unloaded into her. Just as he exploded, Eric cupped his hands around Tims nutsack and gently tickled the little hairs with his fingernails behind his balls, draining them completely. The view of Tims contracting muscles, shooting all that delicious cum into his wifes pussy was mesmerizing, and as Tims cock softened Eric started cleanup duty, lapping up every drop of Tims jizz as it flowed freely onto his face, then probing more deeply into Shellys frosted cunt to get the rest after Tim had slipped out. It seemed almost as though Tim had shot more jizz this time than the last; it kept flowing and flowing, big clotty strings refusing to detach from the lips of her pussy as he pulled them in with his tongue. Eric kept up his ministrations to Shellys cunt, and as she came one more time the remainder of Tims clotted up jizz seeped out onto Erics tongue.
Once Shelly had come down off her orgasmic high, she noticed just how hard her hubbys cock was.
Shelly: Im ready to be fucked again. How about some sloppy seconds?
She didnt have to ask twice. Eric was up on her, having rolled her over on her back. He hadnt been this hard in years and took the opportunity to ram his cock all the way up her cummy cunt till he was in balls deep, and then he started fucking her. Slow, deliberate strokes, enjoying the sight of his superhard cock sliding in and out of her splayed, reddened pussy lips. If it were possible, he got even harder when Tim slid up her chest, past her mammoth boobs, to wipe the dregs of his cum on her nipples. Shelly squeezed her boob and offered it to Eric, and he leaned down and lapped it all up.
Shellys hand found her clit once again, and she was once again on the road to cumming. Eric fucked her slow and hard, teasing her with images of their cum mixing together in her cunt, and making her beg for him to fill her up.
Eric: Do you want my cum in your pussy? Want me to shoot it deep? Oh-h-h-hFuck!
Shelly: Oh, please yes! Fill up my pussy with your cum then I want you to lick it out. Look, theres some cum still on my foot, I dont know whose it is but lick it up for me?
These words, and the feel of that clotty cum slipping over his tongue drove him past the point of no return. She knew how to read his every move, and jammed all her toes in his mouth at the same time.
Shelly: Come on, give it to me. Give me that cum!
Tim, knowing what was going on, returned the favor of cupping his hands around Erics emptying nutsack and scr****g his fingertips at the back of his scrotum. Eric made one last thrust, his cock as deep as possible, as the spurts started. He moaned into the sole of her foot, still in front of his face, and slid his tongue all over her cummy toes as he unloaded into her one, two, three, four, five --- eight spurts of creamy jizz erupted out of his cock and she felt the warmth creep through her as it slid down the walls of her cunt to pool in her vagina, right by the opening. Finally, he stopped throbbing, pulling his cock from her cunt and her toes from his mouth, she did not have to remind him to clean up his mess, but she did anyway.
Eric slid down her chest, she was busy lazily stroking Tims cock and balls. He was half hard and looked totally worn out. What a fucking steamy mess her cunt was after being fucked and cum in multiple times, her pussy was like a river of jizz. Eric wondered if Shelly had another orgasm in her; he got his answer when his tongue made contact with her clit, which took some doing as it was covered in bubbly jizz that had seeped out during one of her fuckings or lickings. She met his tongue with her hips, and half fucked his tongue while she continued to handjob Tim by rubbing his cock on her nipples.
Shelly: Tim, you look like you could cum again. My tits could use some attention
Tim: Oh, yeah, no problem! I think I can do that.
Eric continued to nibble on Shellys clit and lap up the cum that seeped out of her pussy. Soon, though, Shellys cunt began to get sensitive, and she begged Eric to stop a while.
Shelly: Why dont you snack on my toes while Tim covers my tits with cum!
Eric took her feet in his hands and tenderly worshipped each one. His cock wanted to get hard again, but there was just nothing left. Tim, on the other hand, was taking in the sight of her cummy body she had cum in her hair, on her legs, on the few pussy hairs she had kept neatly trimmed. He never got fully hard but it was apparent he was just as heavy a cummer as I am in spite of being somewhat soft, he completely filled her cleavage with ropes, stripes of jizz, from one armpit to another.
After admiring his handiwork, he took leave and headed back to his room. I slid my face up her sweaty belly and between her cummy tits, enjoying the sticky warmth against my skin, after which we fell asl**p for a while.